Coarse (Thick) Hair

This means the individual strands of hair have a large diameter. It usually makes the hair feel stiffer and more volumous, which for more versatile haircuts usually requires longer hair. Coarse hair is often referred to as thick hair because it requires less hair to appear denser.

Normal (medium) Hair

Normal strands are neither fine nor thick. It’s usually more versatile with a balance between the pros and cons of thick and fine hair.

Fine Hair

When the individual strands of hair a smaller diameter. Because the of this usually takes less time for hair to get greasy. Fine hair is often harder to style and goes limp quickly because it usually lacks the structure and strength to maintain volume.

Fine hair tends to be weaker and less resistant to the elements and is usually more prone to abuse and damage than medium/thick hair, so guys if you’re trying to grow long fine hair, you’ll probably find you need to get more regular haircuts.

Thinning Hair

Although it’s possible for guys with thin hair to also have fine hair, the two types aren’t necessarily related. There’s a difference between fine and thin hair. Thin hair is considered to be when there are fewer hair follicles on the top of the head, even people with coarse hair can have thinning hair. Low density is probably a more accurate term. You may notice with thin-haired guys, that a lot more of the scalp than someone with thick hair. In guys thinning hair is usually a sign of baldness or hair damage.

The test

Take a single hair and rub it between your fingers,
If you can hardly feel it, your probably have fine hair,
If you can feel it, but it’s not stiff or rough, then it’s normal (medium thickness).
If you feel like it’s a strong thick and coarse strand, your hair is usually on the thicker side.

Another classifier is the volume, usually, thin hair is limp and low volume, thick hair naturally has a lot more volume

Can I Make my Hair thicker?
Technically, no. You can’t change the diameter of you’re hair follicles. However, there are ways to maximise its thickness. First, you’ll want to try to minimise the damage to your hair, because damaged hair can make it appear thinner than it actually is. Second, is use a good pre-styler or hair treatment, finding the right products (such as hair plumping sprays, or healthy hair serums) can help give the illusion of thicker and healthier hair.
Can I make more hair grow back?

The short answer is probably not.

There’re a lot of expensive treatment and devices that claim to prevent baldness. But from what I’ve seen, a lot of them use models and public figures that don’t have any problem with balding, so of course those results aren’t going to be negative. 

Hair loss can’t always be stopped. A lot of the time it occurs from male pattern baldness (MPB), which can’t really be prevented. And a word of advice, there is no definitively proved cure for male pattern baldness, but at the end of the day it’s just hair and you can live without it.  Nevertheless, there are times hair loss is induced or MPB is accelerated by stress or poor nutrition. 

In reality, whether or not you can grow make your hair depends on your individual situation. And if you can grow back some of your hair, you should be able to do that by looking after your scalp and promoting healthy hair growth. Not because of those unproven gadgets. If you are worried, and are willing to spend the money, see a specialist who can advise you if there is anything you can do.

Your success may depend on the condition of your hair follicles. It may be possible to promote some hair growth if they’re are in good shape. But if they are damaged or closed up, it’s less likely. And there aren’t any treatments that will guarantee regrowth. So just look after it and your health while you’ve got it, but don’t worry about it when it’s gone. 

Types of Hair Styling Products
These days products aren’t as black and white, however, the general classifications still stand. It’s important to remember that there are multiple types of hair types made for different types of hair types, lengths, and styles.






Texture Powders

Dry Shampoo

Hair Spray

Is there such a thing as too matte?

While it is good to reduce oils and use matte finish products, there is such as thing as too matte. It’s good to have a bit of balance since oils are good for your hair and if you’re hair is too matte and dry like straw which makes styles fall apart and the hair more prone to breakage.

What is a pre-styler?

A pre-styler is a hair product that you apply before styling, typically in damp hair before using a hairdryer. There are all kinds of different options available, but they can help to boost the natural styling capabilities of your hair, or allow you to style it in different ways.

For example, I have fine and limp hair, so I like to use a pre-styler like Aveda Thickening Tonic or Label.m Thickening Tonic to hair add thickness and more structure to my hair which helps me to add volume and hold. But like I said, there are many different types, and a pre-styler out there for everyone. Other common uses for pre-stylers to to reduce frizzy or smooth your hair before style. You just have to find a product that works for you.

Should I Use a Pre-Styler?
Do you use a pre-styler on your hair?

The answer should be yes, because a good pre-styler can make the styling a lot easier.

Reasons why to use a pre-styler

Heat Protection

If you’re using heat you should make sure you use a heat-protectant or a product with heat protection to prevent hair damage.

Frizz control

Most pre-stylers can help you control the frizz. The right pre-styler can help you set your hair in the right place.


Setting your hair into shape can drastically reduce styling time. Post-styling products such as waxes or clays are good for locking in a position. but pre-styling quickens and eases the process, giving your hair ready to take the desired shape and style.


Blow drying your hair with a pre-styler is a great way to lock in volume. 

Heat Styling
Using heat allows you to reshape your hair to achieve and maintain various styles. While using a blow dryer is great for achieving your desired style, heat can be very damaging for your hair, and once your hair is dead, it won’t heal. So when blow drying it is best to use the medium heat setting, and if you really want to use the highest heat setting, make sure you don’t hold it too close to your hair.

Whenever you’re using heat styling products you should use a heat-protectant, it’s usually found in sprays, however, various other products make include varying levels of heat protection.

Also, if you’re ever going to use a hair-straightener, make sure that your hair is 100% dry before you straighten it, otherwise it will fry your hair

How often should I wash my hair?

There’s a lot of information out there saying that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. And while in some ways it can be beneficial, it’s not a rule. If you’re hair is getting dirty or too greasy, then just wash it. It doesn’t matter if you only washed it yesterday, if your hair is dirty and you want to wash it, then do it. 

The amount you need to wash your hair is entirely dependent on you and your lifestyle. You might have an active lifestyle causing your hair to get sweaty or dirty regularly or you might have days where your hair is a bit more sheltered in an office and doesn’t get as dirty. 

Anyway, my point is, it’s ok to wash your hair daily if you need to. If you can get away with going a day or two without washing your hair then that’s good too.

Face care and maintaining healthy skin

I know this is an area that usually gets complicated, but cosmetic companies deliberately over complicate products to confuse people into buying more. There are a lot of expensive products out there that are really just scams. When it comes to face and skin care, in my opinion, some of the best things you can do to help maintain health skin is to keep it clean (by at least washing morning and night) and moisturize with oils. If you still struggle with breakouts and acne, before spending loads of money on loads trying out product after product, go see you dermatologist for professional advice.

One face wash I do recommend trying is Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser (click to view on Amazon) or the Gently Skin Cleanser (click to view on Amazon). I have been using them for years because of recommendations from dermatologists, they clean without over cleaning can make my skin feel great. Plus there is the added bonus that they are very cost effective compared to many others on the market. I occasionally try other products on the market, but always come back to these. Sometimes uncomplicated is better, because it is easier to stick with or understand.

Other advice you could try if you still struggle with bad skin is to cut back on foods with lots of sugar, saturated fats, and dairy as these can lead oily skin. And get enough sleep, its a time when your body relaxes, recovers, re-energizes and heals, lack of sleep can accelerate aging and more importantly reduce your quality of life. So do yourself a favor an give it the rest it deserves.