Label M Thickening Tonic


I think Label M have delivered a solid product that I consider one of my daily drivers. It’s one of the few products I would continue to repurchase. For a reasonable price it helps to thicken the appearance of my fine hair while boosting texture. It’s been a part of regular routine for years, so I would recommend this if you’re struggling with fine hair. I think the Thickening Tonic would also be a good substitute for sea salt spray. It’s one of the few products that has allowed me to replicate that beachy/natural look and feel due to it’s great matte texture.

Price and Affordability 

$$ Mid Range 

Priced around $15-$17 (£10) Label M Thickening Tonic is reasonably affordable. For most people this wont be a daily driver, it’s more of a product that’s nice to have if you’re willing to spend the extra money.

What is it

The Label M Thickening Tonic is a liquid gel spray that is intended to build thickness and volume, for matte finish styles. 

Who is it for 

Fine to Normal hair types that need texture, volume and a fuller look. It can give more texture and definition to any hair type, but might not be necessary for thicker hair types.

How and when to use it

Use it in damp hair (applying to the roots) before blow drying to the desired style. It can be used in conjunction with other prestylers or on it’s own. For me it usually only takes 3-5 sprays (depending on hair length) for an optimal finish, too much can tend to make your hair a bit too dry or straw like.

Where to buy it

Label M Thickening Tonic is widely available. Common places to find it are on.

Amazon and Mankind 


Priced around $15-$17 (£10) Label M Thickening Tonic is reasonably affordable. 


From my experience the tonic’s hold is long lasting but quite light, I usually use it with post styler (e.g. a wax, paste or clay) to get the desired style.


Application is pretty easy since it’s in liquid form. The sprayer on the bottle could be better, but you get used to it and you need to use your hands to spread it. I usually use small sprays all over to make it easier to spread evenly throughout your hair. 


It has kind of a chemically cologne smell, but it isn’t overly strong or overpowering.


A lot of post styling products tend to gain a bit of an oily shine towards the end of the day. Using the Label M Thickening Tonic helps to maintain the desired matte finish and texture throughout the day and combat the greasy nature of other oily products. 


Label M is a reputable brand with people who know what they are doing, so you can be rest assured that it won’t damage your hair. While the brand does claim create products to promote healthy hair, I don’t think the thickening tonic improves the health of your hair, it just maintains the hair’s current health. 


Easily washed out with water.

Finished Look

For thin/fine hair this helps to boost the appearance of the finished styler giving a thicker and matte look with added texture and structure to compliment your post styler. 

Would I buy it again 



Label M Thickening Tonic is a great prestyling product for people with fine to lightly thinning hair.

I have found Label M Thickening Tonic to work well with Original by Blumaan as a co-prestyler and that leaves it open for a choice of multiple products as a post styler.

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