Are you busy and constantly struggling to maintain your grooming habits to look good? Well here are some hacks and grooming tips to help you stay nicely groomed when you’re in a hurry.

Tips for staying fresh after skipping the shower

I know what you’re thinking… gross. But I’m not saying to do it every day, Skipping the occasional shower can help to save you a lot of time. If you woke up late or just needed to get moving early, then missing the occasional shower shouldn’t hurt. However, to stay fresh and keep yourself feeling and looking good, here are some tips:

Use Cleaning Wipes

Try using cleansing facial wipes or wet wipes to freshen up in the morning. You can usually get them in packets from the supermarket for a pretty good price and they are widely available.

Often they say they’ll help remove makeup, but they still are made to clean your skin and do a good job of cleansing your greasy morning face and some good ones even leave it nice and moisturized.

Most people just use them for just the face, but to be honest they are useful for other places too. Often deodorant can’t fully mask the scent of body odor, so sometimes if you’re a bit smelly or sweaty you could use them under your arms or the required areas to make up for skipping a shower. You may think it’s embarrassing you use them, but sometimes it’s less embarrassing than being greasy and smelly. They are quick and easy to use and no one has to know that you use them anyway.

 Use Dry Shampoo

I often find my hairstyles better having second-day hair anyway, but sometimes after a while it gets a bit greasy. So try using dry shampoo, it helps to absorb moisture and greasiness making your hair look cleaner again. Good ones even help at texture and volume making it easy to restyle your hair without more product.

Dry shampoos are also really good because they can be portable, if your hair is likely to get greasy again, you can take some dry shampoo along with you to help get through the entire day. The same goes for deodorant, take it with you in case you start to perspire again, and I know men don’t always carry bags, but you can easily keep them in your office or car.

Use hand lotion/moisturizer to tame the frizz

If you get frizzy hair and don’t have access to hair products, moisturizing lotion is easier to find or borrow off people and using a bit can help to tame the frizz. Just apply as little as possible. You can always keep adding a bit more until it’s just right. And remember, it’s not a hair styling product, so don’t overdo it.

Use deodorant

Use it after you’ve had a shower to help minimise odor when you don’t have time to shower and use it to help cover up odor too. And if you’re worried about deodorants causing white or yellow marks, science is a pretty marvelous thing, so there are deodorant and other products out there that help prevent both.

Use cologne or fragrances

Deodorant doesn’t really get rid of odor and doesn’t always do the best at masking them, so adding a bit of cologne to your neck and wrists can also help mask any lingering bad odors and hopefully make you smell nice.

If you still have time for a shower

Minimise the time spent in the shower

If you’re one of those people who can go without a shower, just stick to the essentials, you don’t have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner every day, but if you do, you can actually use the extra shampoo and conditioner left on your hands to help clean and moisturise your face (don’t do it every time, you can sometimes use it to save time washing your face separately). And when washing your body, if you’re in a hurry, you can sometimes get away with not washing your whole body from head to toe, just quickly wash the areas that smell.

Style your hair while its wet

If you don’t have time to dry your hair or wait until its dry to style your hair like normal, apply product to your towel dried damp hair and slick it back into acceptable position and don’t touch it until its dry, then if you’re not completely happy with it you can scruff it up a bit and restyle it. However, I find when styling wet hair you often need to use more product because the water in your hair dilutes it a bit.

Learn to give up on your hair

Bad hair days happen to almost everyone, and sometimes it’s just not your day and your hair won’t co-operate. So if it’s acceptable attire where ever you’re going, sometimes it’s better to save time and just give up on making your hair look perfect and where a nice hat/cap.

Using an electric razor (aka beard trimmers, foil shavers)

Sometimes there’s just not enough time to go in for a full clean shave, but I find using a beard trimmer can help neaten up any stubble or facial hair, or alternatively for stubble or short facial hair I use a foil shaver which usually gives a pretty close shave quick and easily with minimal mess. It might not always be perfect, but most people won’t notice, and it’s much faster than going for a clean shave.

Use a garment steamer

Ironing can be quite time-consuming, which is something you might not always have time for if you just need to grab a shirt and go.

An alternative to ironing is buying a good garment steamer, they can heat up in less than a minute, hang up your shirt or lay it down and run the garment steamer down the shirt (follow the instructions), it can be a lot quicker.

Dampen you clothes

If you use a damp cloth or a spray bottle filled with water to dampen your clothes, then put your clothes on as they dry down the wrinkles should go away. Again, not perfect, but convenient and it does work.

And now you’re ready to tackle the day. Good luck.

Share in the comments if you have any more tips to add.