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  •  For the average hair type (rating 7.6/10), it is a reasonable performer. I think for the average hair style it offers a reliable medium hold for shorter hairstyles. If you have accepted the use of a blow dry and want a relaxed or messy finish, then this could be for you.
  • If you’re on a budget (good value rating 6.9/10) and just need a product to cover the essentials then Monarch Matte Paste is a bit expensive for what it does. However, if you have the right hair type, then this could quite easily be a daily driver. It’s pre and post styling capabilities deliver good styling convenience and consistency.
  • If price isn’t an obstacle and you’re opinion of value is just the products quality (you’re expected value is 8.5/10), then this might be a good product to have. With healthy ingredients and ease of application on it’s side, it’s a good product to have for days when you simplify your routine.


To be honest, when I first started using Monarch Matte Paste, I was like meh… It took some experimenting with, but now I have come to think of it as a great daily driver for shorter fine-normal hair types. I’ll explain myself in more detail, but first here is a summary:

Like indicated, Blumaan’s Monarch Matte Paste has a very lightweight hold (hence their description “weightless”). This has been great for my short hair styles, With the requirement of a blow dryer to shape the hair, I can use monarch as my sole pre and post styler and make it through the entire day with lasting shape and reworkable volume. However, because it’s so lightweight with little tack or structure it struggles to support long, thick or unruly hair in place reliably, and the result is hair that’s constantly falling about. Which is ok, because you can get a lot better styling results with products that are tailored to your specific hair type, length and style, than with blanket multipurpose products that suit everyone. Which makes sense.

Price and Affordability… Quite expensive

$$$ Premium Range Price 

Priced at $21.50 USD (£20) for 74ml, Monarch Matte Paste is a bit pricey, especially since you will probably chew through it pretty quickly considering that you need to use a larger scoops than normal for it to work. 

I think if you have the right hair type and length the performance is likely worth the price. For my hair, which is fine and about 4-5 inches I’ve been able to use it as a sole daily driver in a cool and wet climate. However, there is quite a lot of good performing products in this price range which give you a lot more than 74ml, so they might also be something worth considering.


The product is branded as Monarch Matte Paste. However, based on the ingredients and the feel of the product, I think it is more like a creamy clay than anything else. It has a lightweight medium hold that if used correctly gives a textured matte finish.


I think Monarch will work best for people with fine to medium length hair who want messy textured short medium length hairstyles.  It’s probably not for the average guy, since it definitely requires a blow dryer to shape and style your hair. It could be good if you want a single product to simplify your routine, or if money is not an issue and you like having a good range of premium products to choose from.

How and when to use it

Take the desired amount and rub it evenly across both palms (Keep in mind, you probably need a bit more of this than most other products). Distribute the product evenly throughout your slightly damp or dry hair. Start with the back of your head and work your way to the front. Use it before blow-drying for lots of volume and medium hold, use after blow-drying for added hold and ability to shape in desired direction. Add more product as needed. Experiment to create your own style.

Where to buy it






Priced around $17.50-$21.50 (£10) Monarch Matte Paste is a little expensive for what you get.

HOLD 7.4/10

Monarch as a lightweight medium strength textured hold. It is ideal for shorter messy hairstyles. It doesn’t have the heavy thick hold to stop your hair from moving, but it holds shape well and bounces back for an easily reworkable style. Since the hold is so lightweight, it doesn’t have the weight or strength to overpower unruly or thick hair. 


Application is easy with paste. It is creamy to the touch and glides into the hair with very little tough. It performed well when applied when applied to damp and/or dry hair. However, I couldn’t achieve any success with the product unless I used a blow dryer to shape the style. For shorter styles you could easily get away with this being the only product in your arsenal.

SCENT 5.6/10

I’ve followed Joe on his Blumaan channel for a long time and know how much he likes scents. So it was a bit surprising that Monarch Matte Paste had almost no scent. What is has is a very subtle earthy smell which isn’t detectable in the hair. So while it’s not very fragrant, it’s also not offensive on the senses.


If you use a blow dryer to shape your hair, the product does really well to lock in the style, if your hair isn’t too long. For short hair (4 inches), I have no trouble getting through the day using Monarch Matte Paste as my pre and post styler. It maintained hold, texture and volume throughout the day, and was easily reworked back into shape if some strands fell lose. 

I was impressed with its resistance to rain, sweat and movement. So if you use it on the right hair length and blow dry to style, it is life-proof. To get any sort of hold with long hair you have to use a lot. To the point where it makes your hair look a bit greasy and is no longer weightless. This is why I would only recommend it to people with short-medium length hair.

If left in overnight, Monarch still works as a second day product if you need to skip a shower to save time the next day. Just use a light dose of dry shampoo and add a bit more of the matte paste.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Microcrystalline Wax/Cera Microcristallina, Kaolin, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Bentonite, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol,Beeswax/Cera Alba, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate. Polysorbate 20, Fragrance/Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, Potassium Sorbate

Blumaan have done a good job at formulating a product that is mostly derived from natural sources. Monarch Matte Paste has a lot of ingredients that are beneficial and promote healthy hair.

The bentonite and kaolin clay hair help to provide a textured matte finish, while also absorbing excess hair oils and providing minerals to aid hair growth.

It uses shea butter and a blend of natural oils to nourish the hair with antioxidants and provide a creamy texture.


It has some resistance to water, so you’re hair might be left a bit oily after wash out, unless you use a shampoo.


Monarch usually gives a matte textured finish. If you apply to damp hair and allow it to natural dry, it fails to active the matte finish and hold, leaving you with a slightly oily mess. However, if you use a blow dryer to style, the matte paste locks in the hold for a long lasting matte style. For short hair, the medium hold is enough to get you through the day. When it starts to fall a bit throughout the day, it bounces back into shape easily with a bit of reworking. But for long hair it lacks the structure to support the weight of long hair. It can look a bit greasy when applied go second day hair, but that is easily solved with a bit of dry shampoo.


Maybe, it initially felt useless on my hair when it was long, but it has proved reliable as a daily driver with short hair.

Is it right for you?

Follow the steps below First, identify whether you have fine, normal, or thick (coarse) hair, and focus on that part of the table. Second, do you have short, medium length, or long hair? Third, consider whether the price matters to you, such as;

  • If you’re on a tight budget, the value to you is in the Budget row
  • If you’re just the regular guy and want to invest in some quality hair products, the value to you is in the Normal Pricing row.
  • If the price doesn’t matter and you just want the best products, the value to you is in the Price isn’t an issue.

Match your hair type to your price preference, to see a rating tailored to your requirements of a product. Note: Value Ratings are out of 10

I’ve analysed the product with considerations that affect people’s different hair types, as well as price preference. Every product works differently for different people, so I’ve added variables into my ratings to offer you a unique rating customised your budgetary needs and hair type, to hopefully give you a better indication of whether it’s right for you.


It sometimes gives a slight shine, so I like to use it with a few sprays of Label M Thickening Tonic.

Thanks for reading, please let me know in the comments about how well this review worked out for you. If please let me know if you have any feedback on the criteria for the unique value chart