What is the difference between label.men’s thickening tonic and cream and which one is right for you?

Label.m aka Label.men are the same company and have released two confusingly similar products, the Label.m Thickening Cream and Label.men Thickening Tonic. Both are similar prices, and reading the product descriptions online it is hard to tell which one is the best to buy for each occasion. In this article, I’m going briefly explain what the differences are and which types of hair they are best suited to.

Is there a difference?

Yes, there actually is a difference, and I would recommend each on slightly different occasions.

What is the Label.m Thickening Cream?

label.m thickening cream 

The label.m thickening cream is a lightweight pre-styler, which works almost exactly as you would expect. As a thickener, it helps to coat the hair, giving it more structure and thickness for a fuller more voluminous look. As a cream, it helps to tame frizz, moisturize the hair and give a very natural finish and feel. As a pre-styler, it helps to protect the hair from heat and adds environmental projection, such as UV and humidity resistance.

When I use this cream it almost feels and looks like I have no product in my hair, but it gives a thicker look and adds control and a light hold. On casual days for a relaxed style, I can simply apply a single pump, slick my hair back and let it naturally dry. Ongoing out occasions, since it is a very low hold product, I do need to use a blow-dry and a finishing product to achieve a locked style… I find it cocktails well with and enhances the performance of the finishing product.

I do love this label.m Thickening Cream, however, if when comparing it with the Label.men Thickening Tonic, the Tonic has a greater thickening effect and gives more hold and texture. My assessment would be that the cream is better for thicker/coarser or longer hair, and the tonic is better for finer and more limp hair. However, both work very similarly, so you probably only need one.

  • Suited for: All hair lengths
  • Finish: Natural Finish
  • Hold: Light hold
  • Ingredients: Neutral
  • Best suited for: Thin or Limp hair
  • Blow dryer required: No, but recommended
  • Works best: With other products

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What is the Label.men Thickening Tonic?


The Label M Thickening Tonic is a liquid gel spray that is intended to build thickness and volume, for matte finish styles. It helps to thicken the appearance of my fine hair while boosting texture and volume. It’s been a part of regular routine for years, so I would recommend this if you’re struggling with fine hair. I think the Thickening Tonic would also be a good substitute for sea salt spray. It’s one of the few products that has allowed me to replicate that beachy/natural look and feel due to its great matte texture.

This product could be beneficial for a wide range of uses. It gives a very natural appearing finish, and the effects a relatively gentle, making it suitable for thick or thin, long or short hair.

However, primarily it is targeted at people with finer/limp or greasy hair. It might not be necessary for thicker hair types. Additionally, if you use too much or if you don’t suffer from greasy hair, you may find this tonic a bit drying.

  • Suited for: All hair lengths
  • Finish: Matte Finish
  • Hold: Light hold
  • Ingredients: Neutral, but slightly drying
  • Best suited for: Thin or Limp hair
  • Blow dryer required: No, but recommended
  • Works best: With other products

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From my experience the hold/effects are long-lasting but very light for both the Thickening tonic and the cream, I usually use them both with a post styler (e.g. a wax, paste or clay) to get the desired style.

The thickening tonic does add a bit more structure and texture, which does get it a slightly great hold factor.


Since they are from the same company and achieve a similar purpose, the ingredient in both products have pretty similar quality.


Both products have similar price points. However, the Label.men Thickening Tonic comes out as the winner in this category since it comes with 50ml more than the cream and typically costs a few dollars less.

Which one should you buy?

As I have very fine hair, my preference would be the Label.m Thickening Tonic, as it’s a bit cheaper and makes my hair a bit thicker, however, I would happily buy this again if the Tonic wasn’t available. Here is why:

Both products add good heat protection, humidity protection, and structure.

The label.men Thickening Tonic has a greater thickening effect and adds a bit more texture and structure stronger hold. It is a bit dryer, giving it a matte finish which also gives the illusion of even thicker hair. In the majority of cases for guys, I would recommend this product. Especially if you have thin, fine, limp, or greasy hair.

The label.m Thickening Cream has better allow round capabilities, but also less strong in the hold factor. It’s not as drying to the hair, giving a more healthy and natural-looking finish. It locks in more moisture, offers slightly better humidity resistance, and is more effective at taming frizzy hair. Additionally, it feels softer. in the hair, which makes it better for longer lengthed, or coarser hair.

So… which one will you choose. I’m curious to find out, so let me know in the comments.


Thanks for reading. Hope you found it helpful.