American Crew Boost Powder (10g) Review


Anti-gravity volume powder with a matte finish.


The American Crew Boost Powder is a fine powder that helps to add texture and volume while absorbing moisture to give a matte finish. 

The powder is dehydrated of water and oil so it provides a completely matte finish when used on its own, and can reduce the shine of other products. 

According to American Crew, it is:

“Guaranteed to make you look and feel great, the American Crew Boost Powder brings a modern styling approach to classic grooming. To take your hair to new heights sprinkle this professional styling aid into your style for maximum lift, matte separation and enhanced volume.”

This post will break down my own personal experience using the American Crew Boost Powder and review the performance of the product.


After regular use of the American Crew Boost Powder, I found it to be quite a well-rounded product. As far as texturizing powders go, it’s not the strongest. So I prefer to use it as a styling aid because it works better with other products and it’s more forgiving if you accidentally apply a bit too much. 

It is great for touching up your hairstyle. The lightweight texture helps to boost volume and the dryness of the powder helps to reduce shine. However, unlike dry shampoo and some other powder alternative, the American Crew Boost powder doesn’t reduce greasiness.

Before American Crew Powder

Before American Crew Powder

After American Crew Powder

After American Crew Powder


Mid Range $$

Typically around $18 in the USA and £15 in the UK.

My personal opinion is that the American Crew Boost Powder is expensive for the volume and performance of the product. The balance of ingredients makes the product a touch more user friendly, but to me, there isn’t anything about this product that makes it stand out as being fair better than budget texturizing powders. 

I’ve used Texture Powders that cost a fraction of the cost which can achieve similar results, such as Batiste XXL Plumping Powder which I could easily pick up in the UK for less than £5. It only comes in a 5g gram package, but I found it to be stronger, so I don’t need to use as much. Comparing them both side by side, if I would choose the value of the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder over the American Crew Boost Powder.


The American Crew Boost Powder is best suited for short to medium length hair. 

It can work with longer hair if you apply less and just to the roots. However, texturizing powders can add tackiness to the hair which can sometimes make it rough to rework if you apply too much.


Creating dry matte finishes, and refreshing hair by adding texture and hold. 

If you have short hair and like natural-looking texturized styles, you could even try using a bit of Boost Powder as your only styling product.


Texturizing powders like American Crew Boost Powder give a natural-looking boost to your style or refresh second-day hair by helping to add texture to and mattify your hair. The powder is so fine and lightweight that when applied to the roots it helps to add structure and volume to the hair. 

In a lot of ways texturizing powders have a similar visual effect to dry shampoo, as they both typically reduce the shine and make the hair appear cleaner. However, as the name suggests texturizing powders deliver a lot more hold and texture, while dry shampoo typically reduces the hold of products.


Easier and more forgiving than many cheaper alternatives. 

The official directions suggest adding the boost powder to your hand and then sprinkling it over the roots, but given the powder is so fine and you need so little, I found that a bit awkward. And the puck-shaped container makes it a bit difficult to aim the powder into the roots directly. However, it is a very smoothly ground powder which makes it easier to control how much powder you apply, which is a plus.

For best results, I use it to boost the hold and matte finish of other styling products. 


A little. 

They may only give you 10g of product, when the powder is so strong and concentrated, a little bit goes a long way.

Pro Tip:

In a lot of men’s hairstyling products (I.e waxes, pomades, pastes, etc.), the hold typically comes from around 20-30% of the ingredients. The other 70-80%, typically reduce the hold. Though I should note that, these other ingredients are still equally as important to conventional products, as they help to balance the look and feel of the product by controlling the finish and creating a user-friendly application.

Texture powders are most concentrated, and as a result, only require a small amount to achieve good results.


Fine lightweight powder. 


Being a fine powder, used in such small amounts, it does not have a scent or affects the scent of other products you use with it.


It delivers fairly consistent and reliable performance, helping to mattify styles and add a bit of extra volume and texture to styles. The hold is super lightweight and helps to reduce shine, but it doesn’t last all day if reworked too often. 


In my opinion, a product like this does not have any health benefits for the hair. It’s not damaging to the hair, however, overuse could leave your hair excessively dry and prone to breakage, and sometimes required an extra dose of shampoo to wash out.


Propylene Glycol: Retains natural moisture and softens hair.
Silica Silylate: Provides flexible hold and thickens hair.
Citric Acid: Revitalizes and restores hair while balancing the pH.

Ingredient List: Aqua/Water/Eau, Propylene Glycol, Silica Silylate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate.


Available on Amazon:
American Crew Powder –

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Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder, 0.7 oz – 


Tap the puck lightly a few times to loosen American Crew Boost Powder.

Pour a small amount into your hand and lightly and evenly sprinkle onto dry hair.

For maximum volume ensure you apply the powder to your roots.


No. I think the performance is nice, but I’ve used drugstore products which cost a fraction of the cost that produced similar results.